Different types of Arts

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Art has been continuously shaping the world we live in. Humans are mere mortals, but art is not. Artworks stand the test of time. For fact, only art and science lasts even beyond us. The leaders and empires would be forgotten, if not for the art associated with them. They stand as historical evidences of their existence. They preach the said values to generations and beyond.

The age of Enlightenment and Renaissance is a measure of what impact a striving culture of art can have on the society. Modern day art forms create access for everyone, unlike arts that only decorated the palaces, centuries ago. Let’s look into various types of art forms and how technological advancements reshaped them.

The three broad categories of arts are applied art, performing art and visual art. Let’s look into the modern day developments across categories.

  • Applied Arts

Applied arts deploy the most scientific techniques. It can also be considered as visual arts. Nevertheless, it adds a new dimension for functionality and application. Architecture is a commercial as well as applied art. In the words of Johann Wolfgang Von, it’s “frozen music”. Interior designing is another applied art, which involves planning layout and designing any given architectural space.

Architectural and interior designs are something you can come across in Instagram posts of experts in the field. Other applied arts such as fashion design, jewelry design, etc… also uses modern day digital tools. The old school wood craft is an applied art too. 3D printers are taking applied arts to the next level. They are quite easy to be studied with tools accessible to the general audience today.

  • Performing Arts

Performing arts is appreciated and enjoyed by live audience. It entertains a crowd, big or small with planned out performance. The people watching are always in for some instantaneous fun, when you are taking old school performing arts. It is something you experience in broadcast and miss out on podcasts. Too much control ruins the quality of performing arts, least according to pure art lovers.

Performing art is getting progressive and regressive at the same time. Technological developments are both boon and bane of performing arts industry. For instance, programmed music isn’t purely art. Art without performance is devoid of any charm. It applies to all performing arts including but not limited to dance, theater, films, opera, stand up comedies, etc…

  • Visual Arts

Visual art uses a medium to communicate artist’s ideas and emotions visually. Its history dates back to the Stone Age. Ages old cave paintings are documented throughout the world. Visual arts include drawing, painting, sculptures and even most part of architecture. Subject and material plays a major role in determining the type of visual arts.

Arts such as drawing, sculptures, etc… have evolved with time. They have led to emergence of new age arts. Photography is the art of capturing images with the help of light pattern. Besides wide subject of photography, there is digital arts and filmmaking. The topic of visual art is vast and though abstract forms its implications on society are endless.